Friday, August 7, 2009

And I wanted a boy!

One of the fun parts of being and having a little girl!! Karly got her toes did for the first time by Mommy...tried to get to on straight! Oh the joys of being a girl!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Trial run at the sitters...

As many of you know, I am getting ready to return back to work and my precious little lady is going to an actual sitter for the first time. I was blessed to have my Aunt Pat watch her for the remainder of last school year after my maternity leave, knowing that I would have to look for something else at the start of this year. After several phone interviews and visits to homes, her Daddy and I decided on Miss Patty. So in 4 days she will be going to her new sitters while Mommy and Daddy are at work. She will be the youngest of 5 children at this in-home sitter and I think she will LOVE it once she gets adjusted. Not too sure who it's going to be harder on... Mommy or Karly. Tuesday I spent a couple hours there with her, introducing her to the other kiddos (who are all adorable) and trying to make her a little familiar with the environment before I leave her all day. And today, the plan was to leave her, by herself, for a few hours and get some needed school clothes shopping done, but needless to say, I only made it an hour...better than nothing I guess. She was TOTALLY fine, a little fussy crying here and there, but did much better than I thought. I really tried to shop and stay gone longer, but it just didn't happen.... here's to Mommy surviving this HORRIBLE experience, knowing in the long run, that Karly will be just fine! : (

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Turning 8 and not feeling so great!

8 months that poor little lady is sick for the very first time! She has been running a low grade fever the last few days and I chalked it up as teething and still not so sure that isn't what's going on. After a late night of a fever of 102.3 I decided to take her into her pediatrician this morning to find out absolutely NOTHING! Checked her ears, throat, chest, etc... and came back with nothing. She was actually fever free and I was beginning to feel much better but then 2 hours later, we were back to square one. After a good cry (mom that is) and a nap with Mommy, the fever has dropped in the "safety-range" at only 100. Let's pray for a tooth to pop through and WE both might make it through this. Man I'm in for it huh!! Just tell me who would look this cute feeling that bad! Gotta LOVE her!