Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Priceless photo

This past Saturday we traveled to Topeka, KS for Paisley's (Karly's cousin) 4th birthday party with family and friends. Toby's sister took an absolutely priceless photo of Karly that I just have to share! Thanks to Grandma Leslie in OKC for the adorable overalls that she is wearing! Gotta love those candid shots!

Monday, January 25, 2010

My sleeping BEAUTY!

Karly is almost 14 months old and has yet to sleep throughout an entire night... We are starting to ween and are down to only "nigh-nigh" time feedings. The last couple of nights have been WONDERFUL and she has only been waking up 2-3 times in an 11 hour span. This is GOOD for Karly!! I am looking forward to getting more rest and soon we will be working on getting our big girl into her own bed. I have to admit that her Daddy and I have LOVED the co-sleeping with our baby, but I'm thinking now is the time. More on that to come later!! ; )
Here's a couple recent favs of my sleeping beauty!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hillbilly Bone

Most of you have probably heard the song Hillbilly Bone by Blake Shelton feat. Trace Akins. Well this just so happens to be one of Karly's FAV songs right now and I think it might be the fact that she can really sing along with them! The video does no justice really...you'll just have to see her get down and sing in real life. Enjoy our little country girl! ; )

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Play time with Mommy!

The following pictures need little to no explanation...we all have had some much fun playing together in her new play room. Between Christmas Break and all the snow days we have been together for almost 3 whole weeks!! And I couldn't LOVE it anymore! Enjoy! She's a hoot!

Karly in her ball pit - Gotta love the hair! ; )

Riding her cow and horse --- singing "EIEI-O" one of her favs!

She LOVEs her musical table too!

She's quite the little cleaner - can't wait until she can REALLY help!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bringing in 2010!

So Stephen and I had the HARDEST time trying to figure out what we were going to do for New Years Eve this year. I had talked to my Mom about her keeping Karly over night for the VERY FIRST time ever, but as the time got closer...both Stephen and I really didn't want to leave her! BUT we decided that we would give it a shot and mostly because my Mom told me she had been waiting a WHOLE year for this night, so we shipped little Miss Lady off to Grandma's for the night and tried to enjoy ourselves. We decided just to stay in and have a few friends over to our house so we all could party and then crash out here. I was doing my best trying to get into the old Holly "party mode" as we pulled into the garage, just having dropped off monkey buckets, when Stephen got out of the car and let out a big "awwwwwwwwwwww". I knew exactly what he was thinking...it was the first time in 13 months that we had come home without Karly. I quickly told him that I didn't want to hear that, while i was doing my BEST to try and NOT think about it. The night turned out to be a GREAT time. We played pool, drinking games, Catch Phrase, and had lots of finger foods. But you come to realize that you just can't go to bed at 4:45am and be ready to play, play, play when the little one comes back home. Good thing Karly only really slept from about 9:30pm to 1:30am at Grandma's...ooops, not sure she'll be doing this again real soon, so when we got home we ALL took another 3 hour nap. Think I still might be recovering from that one! Here's to a happy, healthy 2010!

Belated Merry Christmas from the Beerbaurs

First off, Happy Holidays and so sorry for the blog slacking! Many of you have been ever so patient to wait for updated pics. Between the holidays, my VERY busy little lady, work, snow days, the feet of snow that we have gotten and my just simple laziness, I am officially WAY behind on my blog. I am going to give you a quick run down of our four Christmas'. Christmas Eve we hung out with my mom and Uncle Jeff just relaxing and having fun.

Christmas morning we woke up to find that Santa visited our house bringing lots of Christmas cheer! Karly had a great time opening her gifts. Her stamina for gift opening is crazy!! Then off to Mom's Christmas morning for breakfast and presents, where there too, Santa was VERY gracious! One of her very first and favorites was her new big girl rocking chair. From there it was off to Nana and Papa Bob's with all the cousins for lunch! There is got many new toys and clothes. And to finish it all up, we all traveled to Papa Tim's and Grandma Christy's for supper!
It was a day full of Christmas spirit, family, LOVE, and lots of food! Merry Christmas to all!
Hope yours was GREAT too!