Monday, August 29, 2011

You know its been too long...

When you don't even remember your password to update your blog! : ( And to look back and think I used to be soo good at this! Well this back-to-work Momma of 2 now has little to NO time at all to update my poor blog. So in another attempt to get it all done at once...Karly is doing well! Little Miss Smarty pants that's for sure. She now counts to 22, can identify almost 10 letters of the alphabet, and only talks like she's 30 or older. And for Miss Kynly...she is doing EVERYTHING!! She has been walking for about a month now, or shall we say running, she doesn't talk as much as her sister yet, but I'm sure that's soon to come! They LOVE playing and interacting with each other!! I think the best is when they're running around the house, chasing each other and they come around a corner at the same time. It's hysterical to hear them laugh!! Oh the joys of having a sister! Stephen's Mom took some updated photos for us and the girls last weekend, so those are the ones I'm going to share! Kynly's birthday is only in a few weeks, where in the heck does time goes, so there will def be more to come!! Hope all is well with your family!!

Much love to you ALL!! XOXO