Monday, April 18, 2011

Much Needed Update

Yes, we are ALL still hanging in there and busy as ever!! Things aren't slowing down at our house much these days and now that the weather is FINALLY starting to get nice, I would assume that we will become even busier!! But busy is a good thing because it's making the time till summer will be here goes faster!!

Only 28 more days of school till then, not that I'm counting, ha!

The hair just won't stop growing!! It's still dark and oh so curly!!

So Kynly turned 7 months on Saturday...she now has two teeth, can say Momma and Dada (when she feels like it), loves to sit up and play, is starting to "want" to crawl, but isn't quite there yet, and is sleeping in 5 hour runs at night. So on a good night I only have to get up once...those are few and far between it seems!

Karly's quite the SASSY girl!

She is our little Miss grown smarty pants. And so much for Stephen and I to be able to have any type of discussion when she's around. All you hear is "Excuse me, excuse me...I have an idea" And to think we're going to have 2 of those running around soon, ugghhh!! : )

Their unconditional LOVE for one another continues to AMAZE me on a daily basis!! Makes me want a sister that's for sure!! That's really all for now. More pics to come soon!! I got new Spring dresses and am going to try and get them in for a professional photo shoot soon!!

XOXO Much Love! XOXO