Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Where does the summer go!! First off I can't believe I've already been off for almost 3 weeks. Karly and I have been trying to stay busy. The first week was a blast! We walked to our neighborhood pool everyday and spent some time splish-splashing in the water! She loves it for about 30 minutes and then is ready to go home to do sidewalk chalk or swing. The second week, when the rain set in, we hit the mall, rode the carousel, and visited Nana, Poppa Bob, and one of her new favorites, Sophie, their boxer-rotti mix dog. And since the rain still hasn't left going into mid-week of #3, we are getting quite creative to find things indoors and around the house to stay busy. Thanks to the movie Shrek 2, which is quite the hit these days too! She loves the kitty cat best of course. We have also been working on colors, counting, and the ABC's. Call me crazy, but my one and a half year old can now say most of her colors, count to 10, and sing her ABC's. I know...it sounds like I'm a bragging Mom, but I promise she does! When it was nap time today, I final got a good video of her singing from my phone (so it's not even the best)! I can't believe she can do all the things she does at her age!

What can I say, she's a smarty pants! ; )

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