Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's gotta be the hair!

Kynly and Karly at about 4 months old
Really not sure how two babies can be born and look so DIFFERENT and then end up looking quite the's gotta be the hair! Miss Kynly Lynn is changing daily in her looks and is starting to look more and more like her big sister Karly. And I have to admit that I am LOVING it! Not that I want them to be identical, but I want them to look like sisters for sure. There for a little while I felt like I needed to tell people that I swore they were from the same father! ; ) Everyday they are starting to look more and more alike! They for sure have a sisterly LOVE!

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  1. Our girls are starting to look alot alike at this age too, minus the hair. Destin had tons of hair at 4 mos, whereas Arwen still has her peach fuzz :)