Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Girls!

Time is flying by and my girls are getting so big!

Stephen and I were just talking last night how Karly is not our little baby we looked at how big her feet are getting! There is absolutely NOTHING this girl can't say. She amazes us everyday with her every growing vocabulary. I am thinking dance classes are in our near future. She LOVES to sing and dance. Shrek is still the BIG hit around our house. We are down to only watching it only once a day though, not 25 so that has been nice! Her new favorite phrases are, "That's a deal?!" (when she's trying to wager to get her way), "Oh my goodness!", "Sure I can?!", "I'm so glad you're here!" Too much love for this girl!!

And Miss Kynly Lynn, now 5 months old, is getting to be so much fun!! She is constantly smiling, laughing out loud, talking, singing, screaming in excitement, rolling over, and jumping to the sky in her jumper! Her hair will NOT stop growing and is so beautiful. It is super curly right after the bath and then calms down a bit. She is doing great at Aunt Grandma's house and they LOVE having her. I think Uncle Grandpa might be in love with her too!! We are grateful to have such wonderful caretakers for her!

What an exciting adventure we have ahead of us!!
We are blessed with some of the greatest girl around!!

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  1. Your girls are getting so big! I can't wait to see you all again soon!