Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Time!

You'll have to forgive me for slacking on my blog again...but boy have we (the girls and I) been having a GREAT summer!! We've been trying to stay as busy as possible with going to the park, having play dates, going to Paradise Park, Max and Ruby at the Midland Theatre, the library, Deanna Rose Farmland, and playing outside. With Daddy working LONG hours, the girls and I are getting LOTS of QT and I have to admit (although at times, I might seem a little crazy) I am LOVING it!! Kynly is trying to walk and getting into everything!! She is starting babble all the time and making out some true words!! Karly started dance class and is loving it!! She also got her first "real" haircut. I know, she was due but I hated to cut it at all. Along the way, I haven't been the best about taking pictures, but here's what I've got thus far...

Karly holding Andy and Jackie's new little man Austin! He's too cute!

Max and Ruby at Midland Theatre - we all went!

Karly's 1st Haircut! She was such a BIG girl!!

The Final Product and one HAPPY little lady!! ; )

And Miss Kynly Lynn getting SO big too!

Hope you're enjoying your summer as well!! Much love to ALL!!


  1. Thanks Holly! I can't wait to see them they are getting so big!


  2. Dja Dja & Nonnie Love those girls and we cannot
    express how delighted we are to see new Pic's!

  3. So cute! I feeling they are changing so much. We need to get together soon!

  4. Adorable! You did good girl!! Oh, and Stephen, you of course count for something...hee hee! Love the pics - keep 'em coming since it doesn't seem like I'll EVER get to KC again! Chicken Lips