Friday, November 6, 2009

Karly's First Halloween!

For birthday purposes I cannot share a couple of the BEST photos of Karly's first Halloween but I thought I would go ahead and post a few... Halloween was super fun!! We spent the evening at Uncle Jay and Aunt Tati's house playing, eating, taking pictures, and even doing just a little trick-or-treating. Bet you can't guess what she was...I'll give you 3 tries and if you don't get don't know us nor Karly well enough! : ) Her baby cousin Gabi was a Giraffe part-time and a lady bug the other. She was super cute too!! Just a few pics to share...enjoy! Be expecting a 1st birthday invite soon! Can you believe it, one year old?! Pretty crazy! Time flies by!!


  1. These are so cute!! It looks like she had a nice first Halloween.

  2. Love it! Wish we could have been there! Savannah was a Lion....Kim saw the Monkey and said no! Karly will be the Monkey. Guess your right about anyone who knows you! Love Nonnie and Dja Dja!