Friday, October 16, 2009

Movement Night

Karly and I attended Movement Night at our Parents as Teachers building last night and it was a BLAST!! By far, the inflatable jumper was her favorite! (Thanks to her Aunt Hollie and cousins Rylee & Avrey) It was really for kiddos ages 1-2 but I figured she was close enough. She loved when there were other kids in it so they would do the jumping for her and she was just along for the ride. You try and stop her from doing something that she wants to do! ; ) We're in for it, I know! She also crawled through a tunnel, rode a tricycle, and played with lots of fun new toys! Daddy stayed at home to clean and cook supper while his girls were out playing! We even got a free pumpkin out of the deal! I LOVE our Parents as Teachers!

I LOVE the jumpy pit! Cheese!

Mommy barely got a photo cause I went through the tunnel so fast!

In the middle of banging the blocks and saying "Yeaaaaaaa!"

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