Friday, October 2, 2009

10 down, 2 to go!

Can you believe little lady is already 10 months old! And I'm already super excited but starting to stress about her first birthday party! Who would have thought that being a Mommy could be so great!! Just for an update... Karly is still breaking my heart each day that I leave her at the sitters, but Patty swears it's only for about 20 seconds until I am gone that she stops! Other than that she is doing well... We went through a rough spot where she wasn't eating for Patty, but things are getting better. At first, she was refusing to take a bottle with my milk from her at all. Then one day when I went to get her I tried giving her the bottle (in front of Patty) to see if it was her or the fact that she didn't want the bottle period and guess what...Karly not only started drinking the bottle right away, but then stopped, looked right at Patty, gave her a HUGE smile, and literally started laughing! Okay, who's in charge here?! Sometimes she is too smart for her own good! So now we are not even talking about the "b" word or the "m" word (bottle/milk) in front of her and she has been getting a little better each day. As far as new things she can do, it's only EVERYTHING now! She is all but walking! She gets to the back door to try and go outside with the dogs before you can even turn your head! She is clapping, crawling, standing byself, walking to and from everything if it's within a few steps, and getting into it all! We had our Parents As Teachers visit this past Tuesday and she said that her language skills were advanced for her age...saying and putting connections with what words mean too well. I think, actaully I know, we are going to have our hands full and Ms. Shauna agreed with me! She's still the ULTIMATE ham and smiles constantly! She says: Dada (which is her favorite word : (, Momma, dog-dog, baby, yeah!, and hi! Time has flown by and she gets smarter and more loved each day!


  1. We cannot believe how she has grown! By the time we see her she will be walking! She is beautiful!
    Love, Nonnie and Dja Dja!

  2. It is crazy how much they learn to do in such a short period of time! I can’t believe that he is 10 months already! Time really files!