Monday, March 8, 2010

Lovin the nice weather!

Since Karly was a December baby and didn't start walking until age of 1, which was again in December, and thanks to our wonderful KC Winter weather, we have been VERY limited on our time playing outside...that was until this week! Last Thursday it was in the mid-50's and time for us to get outside to explore the world! After work, Karly, the dogs, and I played in the front yard. We kicked the ball, chased the dogs, and I tried to teach her to stay out of the street. So the boundary setting starts!! Since our driveway leads to a dead-end street, I wasn't sure how to address that because technically that is a safe place to play, but then how do you justify that she can play in that street but not the others?? Isn't being a parent so much fun!! On Saturday, Daddy, Karly and I went to the local schools' playground and had a ball! Our Early Childhood center has a very toddler-friendly play area, but not so much parent-friendly. It was quite funny to see Stephen try to fit in it all. Then on Sunday we all met at my brothers house for a small family BBQ. Gabi and Karly are really starting to enjoy each other and interact! It is so fun to see them together!! Jay and I borrowed his next door neighbors play house and Karly LOVED this! In the mist of our playing outside, I was able to snap just a few shots to share. We are Lovin this nice weather and can't wait for a SUPER fun filled Summer!!
Karly is little Miss Independent - makes us a little nervous at times!

The girls playing in Gabi's play room

The boys strike a pose...

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  1. What a happy little girl! Hello nice weather please stay our kiddos need to get out and play!