Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Karly Day at the K!

Thanks to our good friends, Jeremy and Sam, we were invited to go to the Royals game this past Sunday. We had orginally thought that we better drive seperately just incase Karly couldn't make it the entire game, but after a great morning nap and talking with others that had been, we decided to just ride together and chance it. Luckily Karly had a BALL and was a trooper till about the bottom of the 6th. I was totally impressed with how "kid friendly" the new Royals Stadium is!! We spent the first few minutes just waling around, looking at all the new stuff to see, then we ended up in the play area. Karly got to go on her first carousel ride and she LOVED it! I got to ride with her as Daddy took some great pics. It wasn't so fun when the carousel came to a stop and we had to get off!! Next time we'll pay for 2 times at once! ; ) She was so sad!!
So we took her to get her certificate that has her name on it and shows her first time at the Royals game. I couldn't find Slugger to snap a pic with him so I had to try and get one of her and Daddy together!
I think we might have a little baseball fan on our hands!! She spent some time eating a chocolate malt cup, reading books and running up and down the aisle. The sun was a little too intense after about the 2nd inning so we moved up a few rows to the shade and luckily we had VERY nice people in front of us that didn't mind visiting with Karly, little Miss Social Butterfly! There was so many Red Sox fans there, it was hard to teach her only to clap for the Royals so we cheered on both teams! ; )

It was the bottom of the 6th and she was starting to get SUPER ornery, running around the consessions and not listening so I decided to return back to our seat for a little snack. She ate a few chips as I felt her body go limp. And here was the final product of the Royals game. Our little baseball fan had finally had enough!

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  1. So much fun! And good job on the post I have missed the pictures and stories!