Friday, April 30, 2010

Fun in the Sun!

Now that Daddy has his own truck, yea!, Karly and I are riding solo again until he gets home from work. So before I start supper, Karly and I go outside to play for a while, just to have a little fun in the sun! She LOVES sidewalk chalk! Together we write her name, trace our bodies, work on colors, and draw all sorts of silly pictures! So I am a teacher, but I never claimed to be an Artist! ; )
Here's some of our art work! Of course a MEOW!

Karly hard at work! Look at her perfect heart! ; )

And yesterday we played outside only for a few minutes because it was SO windy!! It practically knocked her down several times and just look at her hair blowing in the wind! Can't wait to have lots of more fun in the sun this summer!! Only 4 more weeks to go! : )

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