Monday, May 3, 2010

Torey Bell & Karly Sue as Nana would say...

Yesterday was a fun filled day hanging out and eating with Uncle Josh, Aunt Korey, Torey, Nana, Poppa Bob, and Papa Tim. The boys fried up some yummy catfish fillets and potato wedges and I made some homemade potato salad for the first time. Well, it turned out to be more like mashed potato salad by the time we got in from outside, but it was still yummy. Korey and I took the girls outside to play while the boys started cooking. Together they did sidewalk chalk and chased each other in the driveway. It's so cute to see them interact now.
The girls!

Miss Brunette & Miss Blondie

So after a long afternoon of running, playing and eating we decided it was BATH time!! I love snapping pictures of babies in the tub! They had a great time splish-splashing in the water.
Both girls were tucker out by the time the got out of the bath! Together the enjoyed an ice cream cone and then it was time to hit the hay! Thanks for playing with us Torey Bell!

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  1. I LOVE these two little girls!! I wish that we lived closer so the next round of kiddos can play together like this.