Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

To all my BEAUTIFUL Mother family and friends, hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!! I had a LOVELY Mother's Day with a ton of family members. Even though the weather was a little cloudy and chilly, we had a huge family BBQ at Karly's Aunt Grandma's house. There we got to hang out with all of our cousins, second cousins, Grandma's, Uncle Grandpa, Aunt Tati, Uncles, and baby cousin Gabi! Karly's day was filled with fun rides in the golf cart, running as fast as she could in the grass, watching Daddy play washers, golf, and basketball, seeing all the farm animals, the coolest bubble gun, stealing everyone's cell phone to watch Go Diego Go, dancing, singing, and hamming it all for ALL to see! I didn't take as many pics as I probably should have, but that's because I was having too much fun visiting myself.
Thanks for a GREAT Mother's Day!

Look at this AWESOME bubble gun!! She LOVED it!! Thanks Uncle Jeff!

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