Tuesday, May 4, 2010

So proud of our Daddy!!

Last October Stephen made a HUGE career change to better his family. (He's always thinking of us cause he's the BEST!!) He went from being the best Union Laborer, in which he had been doing for 8 years, to working as an Apprentice and having to learn the ropes to be a Estimator for Pyramid Roofing Company. This meant that he TOTALLY had to learn all new info. to do his job, which is hard for us all to do! Knowing that this also meant a major salary decrease until he was out on his own, which could be up to a year, he also decided to get rid of his truck...I promise this was HIS decision! Again, thinking of us! So after 8 months of car pooling, we are ALL very excited to say that he is officially out on his own and now has his own company truck! Karly and I couldn't be any more proud of him!! Since he got his truck, late last week, all Karly has wanted to do is be in it! So as we are spending time outside in this nice weather, we have to take several minutes to just play in Daddy's new truck. So this morning when we were all leaving home to start our day, I had to snap a quick pic of Daddy and his girl. They just happen to be wearing matching pink shirts too! We have the BEST Daddy in the World!! ; )


  1. YEAY Stephen! Tell him congrats!!! He is so handsome and look at how much he LOVES his little girl and how much she loves him! Great pictures.

  2. We had Pyramid out to our house last week and the estimator was the one "training" Stephen. Their building on 7th St. was my grandparents old house and shop.

    Stephanie (Sersch)