Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Karly's BIG girl room

So as we started to prepare for Miss Kynly, we had to invest in some new furniture for Karly. I wasn't quite sure how she was going to adapt to her big girl bed so over the summer we left her crib in her room to sleep in at night and her and I would take our naps in her big girl bed with hopes that she would eventually just want to sleep in it. And she did!! After napping in her big girl bed for about a month, I went to put her in her crib one evening and she pointed to her BIG girl bed! I was super excited that the transition worked so smoothly!! She only fell out of bed twice (it's a platform bed so she didn't get hurt) before we decided to officially move the baby furniture out of her room and into what would be Kynly's and set up ALL her new stuff!! By far she has the coolest room!! And with a little help from Aunt Sarah for the curtain and organizing, I LOVE Karly's new BIG girl room and I think she's pretty fond of it too!! So the girls will each have their own look! I trying to pick her room up before taking pictures, but those of you that have a almost 2 year old will understand.
Karly was literally getting her toys out faster than I could click!

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