Friday, October 29, 2010

Family Fun

Karly LOVES her baby sis!

Daddy and his girls!

Our family of 4!

Nana and Poppa Bob stopped by this morning to take a few family fun pics since we didn't have any pictures of the 4 of us yet. We snuck in a few of just the girls too and they are priceless. We've all been sharing the "ick" this past week and most of us are on the downhill side, besides Daddy, so what better setting than us all in our jammies in bed! Thanks for the idea Aunt Sarah!We are taking the rest of the day, maybe even weekend, to recoop. Here's to happiness and health for all!! : )


  1. I love all of the pics! They are so amazing! What a great idea to take pics in your pjs :)

  2. Our little grandbabies are soooo cute,cannot believe Karly is one of the Big Girls now! We are really looking forward to your trip to Florida so we can meet our newest arrival.Hugs and Kisses! Nonnie and Dja Dja