Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Since this was Karly's "real" first year of trick-or-treating, we started preparing a little early. I think she started practicing saying tick-or-treat everywhere we would go about 2 weeks before the holiday even got here and only wanted to wear her costume everyday for about the last month...
The day started by carving a pumpkin with Mommy and Grandma. Karly was so fun about getting her hands dirty and Grandma ended up doing most of the work. And I'm telling ya, I had the idea of carving a kitty pumpkin (with no template) and I just might be in the wrong profession cause it turned out GREAT!!
After we were finished with the pumpkin, I told her that if she would lay down to nap, we could put on our costumes and go trick-or-treating. Not sure if that aided in the only 45 minutes of rest, but when she woke up, she was ready to go! With it being so cold we decided to take the girls up to the clubhouse first and then hit only 3 or 4 neighbors houses on the way home.
Karly was dressed as a Kitty, might a add she was ADORABLE!
And Kynly as a Ladybug...and she stayed snug as a bug in her Daddy's arms!

Of course the first house that we visited, the little boy was dressed as a ghost in a white sheet and Karly was a little frightened. She then thought that every house would have a ghost answer the door. When we returned home, Karly helped pass out candy...she would be in her room watching tv, the doorbell would ring, and she would run out screaming, "oh, oh, oh!" And before we could get the door open she would tell our visitors "trick-or-treat" not realizing that was THEIR job! Pretty cute though! She would tell them "Happy Halloween" too! Not sure if she had more fun going door to door or handing out the candy this year. We closed up shop at about 8 for bath and bed. I'm sure there are plenty late night trick-or-treating to come!

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  1. Happy Halloween! Sounds like you all had such a fun night! We only made it to about ten houses :) I love the pics you posted! Your girls are getting so big!