Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

We gathered at Uncle Jay and Aunt Tati's house for another Halloween celebration this year!

First off... fun with pictures!

We were REALLY scared!

Karly started the day off WAY excited, but when the time came to dress up, we didn't get real far... She didn't want to wear the hat or new boots with her Jessie costume. (Really hoping that she is just in a bad funk and gets out of it soon!) She only changed her mind about a hundred times of what she even wanted to be over the past few months...from a princess, to a pirate, to a skeleton, and finally committed to Jessie, from Toy Story, at the Halloween store.

Now Kynly on the other hand, didn't have much say in what she wanted to be (ha) so Karly and I came up with hers...Minnie Mouse.

And I'd have to say that she was the CUTEST Minnie Mouse I've ever seen.

We all had a blast taking pictures, hanging out, and trick-or-treating. Well the ones that didn't stay in to watch the Chiefs game, but not going to name any names...Uncle Jeff and Stephen.

Happy Halloween from the Beerbaur/Szymanski clan!

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  1. What wonderful pictures! Looks like you all had so much fun! Hope to see you all soon! Take care, Melissa