Monday, November 7, 2011

Yo Gabba Gabba LIVE

Every little ones dream is to go to Yo Gabba Gabba LIVE, right?! Well who would have thought that it turned out to be one of the coolest experiences for the Momma too?!

Daddy opted to stay and watch the Chiefs game with Uncle Jeff, so Karly, Kynly, my Mom, and myself headed out to "the show" at the downtown Music Hall to meet Uncle Jay, Aunt Tati and Gabi. Little did we know that we had some of the BEST seats in the whole place. Row F, left orchestra, to be exact. Here we had almost the whole row to ourselves, only about 5 rows from the stage, and an entire space to dance the ENTIRE show! I'm thinking we couldn't have had it any better, but boy was I wrong!

Grandma, Karly and Gabi during the "hug" song! : )

Shortly after the show started, two girls approached me and asked if Karly and Gabi could go on stage and dance at intermission, or at least that's what I thought she said. She put a special sticker on their shirts, labeled "dance party" and I spent the next several minutes prepping Karly to go on stage. Ok, so when intermission arrived and the girls were nowhere in site, I started to think we were missing out on something and then realized I had totally heard her wrong. Not only were the girls going to get to dance on stage, but it was going to be DURING the show with Dj Lance and the other rappers. OMG!! And these pictures don't do justice!

Karly couldn't have made her Momma any more proud!! When the girl came by to get her, she went right with her up onto the stage. Under the BIG lights and LOUD music, she danced her BOOTIE off!! Between trying to take pictures, record what I could with my phone, and watch without crying with joy... it was a Momma's dream come true too!!

After about 10 minutes on stage, she walked right over and jumped to me. She was screaming with excitement and I think I was just as happy for her!! (Made me think of a teenager that just got to meet Justin Bieber or something!)

So when it was all said and done with, and the show was over, Karly burst into tears! "All she wanted to do was give Brobie a BIG hug!" After my Mom tried everything in her power to make that happen, (offering her credit card and all), I think we ALL left with memories that will never be forgotten! Thanks for coming with us Mom!!

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  1. Love it! Made me cry too! Go Kar, shake it!

    Aunt Hollie