Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Super Models

(From left to right:Kynly, Jacob, Karly, Nicole & Asher)

Thanks to my sweet and beautiful cousin, Nicole Hopkins, Karly and Kynly got to be in their first fashion show at Louisburg High School. Nicole has been working all year at school to make the cutest outfits for her lil' cousins. We gathered at Debbie and Kevin's house for yummy pizza and time to get dresses and do hair. Karly was SUPER excited!! We spent the weekend prior, talking about the walking on stage (the run way), painting her toes, and picking out the perfect sandals to go with the dresses that Nicole made.

And I wonder why I'm going to be in trouble later on in life! ; )

Nicole had to carry baby Asher, so the other little ones were on their own

...and boy did they ALL work it!

Jacob and Karly just couldn't get enough of the stage, so they joined Nicole again for the finale.

All of the cousins were Super Models and did a great job up on stage! Karly and Kynly loved Jacob and Asher!

Thanks again to the Hopkins for making this such a memorible moment for my girls!

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